Business on Social Networks

Business Social Network Architecture is the art and technique of defining, planning, designing, sizing and implementing business and technology solutions in a marketing and sales context.
Enterprise Business Architecture:
An enterprise architecture is a conceptual framework that explains the structure and operation of an organization, in this case oriented to the creation of businesses. That is, it is a conceptual design of a business operation, usually described in terms of business and technological capabilities.

Business start-up.
Business plan.
Financial flow in the business.
Define trade name, service and products.
Reason for being, Objectives, Vision, Mission.
Organization map, business processes, systems, information, research on licenses and regulations.

Architecture Technological infrastructure:
It is the optimal and efficient relationship of different physical components (Hardware) and Logical (Software).

Operating Systems.
Data Base.
Programming Languages
Services, Networks and Communications.
CMS (Content Management System).

All these oriented in a functional and structural approach to build a robust and integrated solution optimal, which can be applied in different productive sectors, commercial undertaking their own business.
With this program the participant or affiliate will be able to know and understand how to build and implement an integral solution according to specifications, standards, regulations, good practices and recommendations, to obtain a global and updated vision of the main fields related to the architecture of systems based on CMS WEB Platform (Content Management System).