Corporate Culture

To be in continuous contact with our society to transform it and to offer more opportunities, to have access to the applied knowledge of high quality.

Integral and intelligent virtual platform is an educational project of international scope oriented to the learning and teaching of different subjects of interest in our society, with sense of social service, carrying out efficient activities to contribute to the development, competitiveness and improvement of the quality of life of the human being, offering processes, services, intelligent contents, innovative products of high educational quality, in addition competitive and profitable to guarantee a sustainable development with a committed, innovative, creative and efficient human team.

To consolidate ourselves as an integral and international alternative, leader in Latin America in the provision of services, creation of products and intelligent educational content, generating an excellent level of quality to become a preferred provider.
To be identified and recognized as a leading community in innovation, research, creativity and technological imagination in learning and education. Disseminate knowledge and content of excellent and high quality.
To serve society, education is a social service.
To be among the first multimodal education companies in Latin America. To develop new methodological and pedagogical models based on competences

Corporate Values
Transparency: We carry out our management in an objective, clear and verifiable way.
Honesty: Practicing values such as telling the truth, being decent, measured, reasonable, fair and honest.
Respect: We interact recognizing collective interests, individual diversity, institutionality.
Fairness: We proceed with justice, and impartiality, seeking a social impact.
Integrity: We act with firmness, rectitude, honesty, coherence and sincerity.
Participation: We have articulated and strategic participation in activities in the area of education and associated services.
Innovation: Generating dynamic, creative and innovative solutions.
Continuous improvement: Training our team to improve our activities and functions.
Conviction: Believe and value our project.