Create a portal, and a social network of knowledge with a comprehensive and dynamic platform, simple, easy, fast, timely, usable, accessible, affordable, searchable services, intelligent content, easy to use and navigate.

Create a comprehensive, flexible, standard, modular, robust platform Create smart interfaces and desktops.

Create high quality processes and services with modules based on intelligent services and content (video conference, iterations, blogs, forums, contact us, wiki, software simulators, resource virtualization, evaluators).

Implement an adaptive (responsive) design that can be published in any device with web access.

Generate innovative alternatives to improve and restructure traditional learning models (pedagogical and methodological).

Generate curricula that adapt to the needs of our participants or affiliates and to our social reality, building dynamic, iterative processes with intelligent content.

Reasonable costs and benefits (Affordable, accessible, available) Education is a social service, not a business. To provide integral learning and knowledge transfer solutions that minimize costs based on the latest generations of ICT (Information and Communication Technology). Available, timely and at your own pace, (Anywhere and anytime).

Generate competitiveness and guide participants towards the development of continuous improvement (Andragogy).

International Coverage and Availability.